Sun 31 Jul 2016   philosophy  power 
Thinking about the propagation of any particular ideology, or more broadly, any framework of thinking (and potentially even feeling), we simply can't ignore the role of power and social influence. It seems far too hard-wired into our very humanity.
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UX and System Architecture

12 Jul 2016   architecture  philosophy  software  ux 
What is the relationship between user experience and system architecture, and what works and what doesn't? Read more

Building a Static Site Generator

06 Jul 2016   projects  software  statik 
I've recently built and published my own static web site generator: Statik (, aimed at software developers. Read more

Unravelling the Agile conundrum

24 Feb 2016   agile  process  scrum 
I've been trying to figure out what exactly people mean by "Agile" (in their implementation of it, as opposed to the definitions in the manifesto), as well as where it's actually applicable. Read more

Continuous integration with Drone

A step-by-step guide to setting up a Hugo static site for automated deployment using Drone CI. Read more
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