In an ideal world I'd spend the majority of my time and effort making useful things for real people - mainly through engineering software for them. Unfortunately the types of challenges I enjoy are usually pretty hard problems with a high chance of failure, so there's no guarantee my efforts will benefit people directly. I believe it's still worth trying though.

I've worked in a range of different industries and environments, for myself and for others. I generally prefer to work as part of a team. My favourite programming languages at present are Rust and Go (with a preference for Rust over Go), but I've been programming for more than 20 years now and have extensive experience in trying to tell computers what to do in many ways. I care about the human impact of what I'm working on far more than what tech stack's used.

My formal undergraduate education was in electronic engineering, where I focused on DSP-based error correction coding in mobile network communications. After that I studied business administration, with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership coaching. I am, however, always learning.

South Africa was my only home, geographically, until 2019, when my partner and I moved to Toronto, Canada. I enjoy the company of small groups of friends, spending time outdoors in nature, playing guitar, admiring (and sometimes creating) art, reading and writing.

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