Tue 12 Jul 2016   architecture  philosophy  software  ux 
When building software systems, what exactly is the relationship between user experience (UX) and system architecture? Or, I suppose a better formulation of the question would be: what sort of relationship between UX and system architecture provides the best possible products for users? (Assuming, of course, you're addressing a user need in the first place ). In Theory There are a couple of different angles in trying to answer this question. Firstly, there's the theoretical perspective. For this, I'm going to refer back to the Mythical Man-Month (p. 45): By the architecture of the system, ...
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Building a Static Site Generator

06 Jul 2016   projects  software  statik 
I'm quite proud to say that, even though it's a product in a pretty saturated market, I've finally published my first open source project: Statik. Yes, it's another static web site generator, but one big difference is that I built it with my own hands, so I know how to shape and mould it to ... Read more

Unravelling the Agile conundrum

24 Feb 2016   agile  process  scrum 
Lately I've been wondering a lot about this whole Agile debate, where it's applicable and where not. I'm trying to absorb as much as I possibly can about the art and science of software development, from its roots in human thinking and philosophy and management science, through to its underlying ... Read more

Continuous integration with Drone

Recently I've had the pleasure of working with Drone to experiment with a new continuous integration process for some of the services we're building. There are, of course, many CI applications out there, but I like the simplicity of Drone and its tight integration with Docker. Automated ... Read more

New static site

14 Feb 2016   blogging  go  hugo 
After playing around with Jekyll for a while, I decided against it in favour of Hugo for a variety of reasons. Mostly subjective, gut-feel-based ones, as are quality reasonings in general. For the most part, both static site generators work really well. Both generate static sites. Both support ... Read more
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