Sat 10 Feb 2018   containers  dirtyhacks  docker  software 
It's a really bad idea in general, and there are much better ways of Dockerising an application that needs to run at regular intervals, but there's something to be said for dirty hacks that buy you some time to do things better. Especially so when there's uncertainty around what you're building. Rapid prototyping, in such instances, followed by one or more iterations of productionising effort, can yield great results.
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Enterprise Security with Spring and Vault

06 Jun 2017   enterprise  java  security  software  spring  vault 
Spring Framework is an incredibly powerful framework, and Spring Boot lets you get up and running with Spring in next to no time. What happens when Spring meets Hashicorp's Vault for enterprise-level secrets management? Read more

The Blockchain can Revolutionise Business

Just not in the way it's being punted by marketers, "strategic business thinkers" and banks at the moment. Its real value lies in its ability to decentralise trust, taking that trust away from (centralised) organisations and putting that trust into open, transparent computing algorithms, code and the community. Read more

Goodbye, Reddit (For Now)

11 Dec 2016   conversations  internet  reddit 
Reddit is often, and has the potential to be, a really awesome platform for genuine, authentic, robust conversation. But its true strength (and, often, failure) lies in the efficacy of its moderation teams. Especially when it comes to dealing with online verbal abuse. Read more

Using Privilege for Good

08 Dec 2016   equality  philosophy  power  privilege 
With South Africa being a country of extreme inequality, we need a totally different way of looking at society to be able to deal with it effectively. We need to stop thinking dualistically. We need to spend more time cultivating a habit of being grateful for what we have, while using our tendency towards social comparison to motivate us to positive, empowering action. We need to focus on local community instead of individual action, or waiting for government or business to "do the right thing". Read more
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