New static site

By Thane on Sun 14 February 2016
hugo  go  blogging 

After playing around with Jekyll for a while, I decided against it in favour of Hugo for a variety of reasons. Mostly subjective, gut-feel-based ones, as are quality reasonings in general.

For the most part, both static site generators work really well. Both generate static sites. Both support custom themes. Both support differentiation between posts and other types of content. Both effectively allow for most functionality relating to blogging. Jekyll does seem to have a bigger, more established community, but Hugo's is growing. So in terms of functionality at least they're matched in my mind and for my purposes.

Ultimately, it would seem my mind was made up after my recent forays into the Go programming language. Having started programming in C at quite a young age, coding in Go evokes all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings.

Check out this little Go code snippet:

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
  fmt.Printf("Hello world!\n")

I mean, doesn't that Printf command just make you all nostalgic? Isn't that a thing of beauty that can and should inspire one to subjectively choose one static site generator over another? Just me? Ah, okay then