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Goodbye, Reddit (For Now)

11 Dec 2016   internet  conversations  reddit 
Reddit is often, and has the potential to be, a really awesome platform for genuine, authentic, robust conversation. But its true strength (and, often, failure) lies in the efficacy of its moderation teams. Especially when it comes to dealing with online verbal abuse. Read more

Using Privilege for Good

08 Dec 2016   philosophy  power  equality  privilege 
With South Africa being a country of extreme inequality, we need a totally different way of looking at society to be able to deal with it effectively. We need to stop thinking dualistically. We need to spend more time cultivating a habit of being grateful for what we have, while using our tendency towards social comparison to motivate us to positive, empowering action. We need to focus on local community instead of individual action, or waiting for government or business to "do the right thing". Read more

Generating Secure Passwords

07 Dec 2016   security  software  projects  passwdgen 
How does one go about selecting an appropriate password generation strategy? After doing a little digging into the topic, and trying to refresh my mind on concepts such as information entropy, it turns out that some of the most difficult passwords to crack right now are simply five randomly selected words from a pretty large dictionary of plain English words. Read more

Making Statik Backwards-Compatible

21 Nov 2016   statik  software  projects 
Statik, the static web site generator, can now be used with Python 2.7+, where it used to only work with Python 3.5+. The latest release, v0.8.0, fixes several minor issues. This post documents some of the process of making Statik backwards-compatible with Python 2.7+. Read more

The Problem of Power

31 Jul 2016   philosophy  power 
Thinking about the propagation of any particular ideology, or more broadly, any framework of thinking (and potentially even feeling), we simply can't ignore the role of power and social influence. It seems far too hard-wired into our very humanity. Read more

UX and System Architecture

12 Jul 2016   ux  architecture  philosophy  software 
What is the relationship between user experience and system architecture, and what works and what doesn't? Read more

Building a Static Site Generator

06 Jul 2016   statik  software  projects 
I've recently built and published my own static web site generator: Statik (, aimed at software developers. Read more

Unravelling the Agile conundrum

24 Feb 2016   agile  scrum  process 
I've been trying to figure out what exactly people mean by "Agile" (in their implementation of it, as opposed to the definitions in the manifesto), as well as where it's actually applicable. Read more

Continuous integration with Drone

A step-by-step guide to setting up a Hugo static site for automated deployment using Drone CI. Read more

New static site

14 Feb 2016   hugo  go  blogging 
After playing around with Jekyll for a while, I decided against it in favour of Hugo for a variety of reasons. Mostly subjective, gut-feel-based ones, as are quality reasonings in general. For the most part, both static site generators work really well. Both generate static sites. Both support... Read more
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