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Innovation and Happiness

13 Apr 2015   happiness  innovation  philosophy  quality 
What, exactly, is value? Or, in a less philosophical way: how is it that you practically know when you have experienced something of value? From my experience so far, I believe that our experience of value is deeply related to our true emotions and feelings, and is thus rooted in our common... Read more

On (White) Privilege

02 Mar 2015   apartheid  power  privilege  racism  social influence 
"Irked" is the best way I could describe my feeling after reading a recent opinion piece on the Mail & Guardian's site on the topic of "white privilege" in South Africa. It took me a while to understand why, exactly, I felt this way, but I've since established that it has a lot to do with the... Read more

The Challenge of Innovation

17 Nov 2014   business  innovation  marketing  philosophy  process 
Many a 2x2 matrix has been developed around what we tend to call "innovation", but are these existing ways of thinking about innovation actually useful to us? Are they practical enough to help guide our daily thinking and activities to actually facilitate real-life innovation? Of course, the... Read more

Building in a little fat

Several times now I've wondered if there are perhaps lessons we can take from real-world, successful projects and approaches the ICT industry that we may be able to apply generally to society. A simple example is how the Agile management approach speaks rather deeply, on a philosophical level,... Read more

Deeper into the flaw in Network 21's value proposition

05 Jul 2013   business  consumerism  featured  freedom  network 21  scary 
Of all the articles on my site, The Flaw in Network 21's Value Proposition gets the most traffic and comments, and seems to stir up the most emotional responses. After reading through my previous post and all the comments, I thought I'd unpack a little more of why I see its value proposition to... Read more

Building an anti-fragile Internet

I'm still busy reading Nassim Taleb's "Anti- Fragile" and I have to say that I'm loving it so far. The book has much to do with humanity's generally faulty perspective on risk management, and he provides a very coherent alternative perspective. In a nutshell, Taleb says that there are three... Read more

The Internet of Things and the fallacy of having no human intervention

19 Oct 2012   choice  freedom  internet of things 
In thinking about the pros and cons of standardisation in the field of the Internet of Things, I stumbled upon a project report where the authors claim that: The 'Internet of Things' (IoT) will represent a paradigm shift in communication: initially, communication occurred between living beings.... Read more

On wanting to relinquish the desire to choose

03 Sep 2012   philosophy  choice 
For a long time now I've been trying to figure out why it is that we've put so much effort into coming up with new technologies and processes, such as organisational processes. To me, a technology or a process seems as though it's a tool (a static pattern of some sort) that attempts to... Read more

Money, freedom and entrepreneurship

18 Jun 2012   entrepreneurship  freedom  money  philosophy  power 
Lately I've been thinking about the role of money in society quite a bit, and today I was thinking about it against the backdrop of entrepreneurship. Money, Relationships and Freedom# On a philosophical level, it would seem to me as though money is a sort of portable, tradeable representation of... Read more

Why online privacy is essential

13 Apr 2012   boundaries  privacy  social media 
Psychology and philosophy have fascinated me since I was a kid, and I've read tons of material on these subjects over the years. I've also seen quite a few articles over the years talking about online privacy, and how easily we give up private information via social media (for some random... Read more
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