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Mind, self and society

I suppose tons of work has been done in coming to an understanding of the development of language, individuality and society, but I would like to describe here the views of an American philosopher, sociologist and psychologist named George Herbert Mead. His most prominent work was a piece of the... Read more

Blanket terms - hiding the truth

09 Nov 2011   philosophy  postmodernism  process 
The definition of a "blanket term" from Wiktionary: A word or phrase that is used to describe multiple groups of related things. The degree of relation may vary. Blanket terms often trade specificity for ease-of-use; in other words, a blanket term by itself gives little detail about the things... Read more

Reality as process

08 Nov 2011   philosophy  process 
In doing some background reading for my thesis, a friend of mine gave me a book by David Bohm entitled "Wholeness and the Implicate Order". Esoteric? Definitely. Difficult to read? Incredibly. Worth the effort? Absolutely. Bohm, as per the Wikipedia entry, was quite an impressive physicist. The... Read more

Fear and separation

09 Aug 2011   branding  conversations  fear  marketing  racism 
What an interesting experience we had this past weekend travelling to Alexandra in Johannesburg ("Alex" for short) for our Building Brands elective - our task, after being split up into small groups of 4 to 5 people, was to perform in-depth, qualitative interviews with 3 people, each of... Read more

The evils of mass marketing

Reading a post about the death of Usenet, a thought on mass marketing was sparked by the second paragraph of the article: Of course, in the last decade of Usenet's life, it became increasingly emaciated and diseased, robbing many of us of those fond memories. Legitimate users flocked to newer... Read more

What's more dangerous for the American public: terrorists, Big Macs or their own people?

02 May 2011   america  consumerism  terrorism 
People killed in September 11 attacks: 3,000 + US deaths (civilian+military) from the "War on Terror": 8,800 = 11,800 deaths (over 10 years). Major causes of death in the US in 2007 alone: 616,067 (heart disease) + 562,875 (cancer) + 135,952 (strokes) = 1,314,894 (just in 2007). This equals 111... Read more

More gadgets please

After many years' struggle through multiple failed businesses, Evan finally caught wind of an idea that could make him some decent money. His wife's eyes were weary from the late bill payments, repeated pleading with debt collectors, and her deep longing to start a family of her own that she had... Read more

The trend towards leasing

10 Jan 2011   capitalism  consumerism  leasing  scary  trends 
I was a little unnerved today when I read about an emerging trend in consumer behaviour: business seems to be moving towards an "ownerless" model. This isn't, of course, true lack of ownership - it just means that consumers prefer not to own things. We tend to want the latest and greatest, and... Read more
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