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Deeper into the flaw in Network 21's value proposition

05 Jul 2013   business  consumerism  featured  freedom  network 21  scary 
Of all the articles on my site, The Flaw in Network 21's Value Proposition gets the most traffic and comments, and seems to stir up the most emotional responses. After reading through my previous post and all the comments, I thought I'd unpack a little more of why I see its value proposition to... Read more

The flaw in Network 21's value proposition

28 Mar 2012   business  consumerism  network 21  scary  truth 
See the follow-up article for this one here: Deeper Into the Flaw in Network 21's Value Proposition. This past Monday evening I had the pleasure of finally attending an information session on the infamous Network 21 - it was pleasurable because I could finally confirm my suspicions as to their... Read more

The trouble with systems

We have this tendency to want to make our lives easier - perhaps this is a built-in biological mechanism to conserve energy? So we've been constructing systems for ages now: all the way from cars to supercomputers to money- making "systems" that we call organisations. Many people who give advice... Read more

What's more dangerous for the American public: terrorists, Big Macs or their own people?

02 May 2011   america  consumerism  terrorism 
People killed in September 11 attacks: 3,000 + US deaths (civilian+military) from the "War on Terror": 8,800 = 11,800 deaths (over 10 years). Major causes of death in the US in 2007 alone: 616,067 (heart disease) + 562,875 (cancer) + 135,952 (strokes) = 1,314,894 (just in 2007). This equals 111... Read more

The trend towards leasing

10 Jan 2011   capitalism  consumerism  leasing  scary  trends 
I was a little unnerved today when I read about an emerging trend in consumer behaviour: business seems to be moving towards an "ownerless" model. This isn't, of course, true lack of ownership - it just means that consumers prefer not to own things. We tend to want the latest and greatest, and... Read more