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Unravelling the Agile conundrum

24 Feb 2016   agile  scrum  process 
I've been trying to figure out what exactly people mean by "Agile" (in their implementation of it, as opposed to the definitions in the manifesto), as well as where it's actually applicable. Read more

The Challenge of Innovation

17 Nov 2014   business  innovation  marketing  philosophy  process 
Many a 2x2 matrix has been developed around what we tend to call "innovation", but are these existing ways of thinking about innovation actually useful to us? Are they practical enough to help guide our daily thinking and activities to actually facilitate real-life innovation? Of course, the... Read more

Building in a little fat

Several times now I've wondered if there are perhaps lessons we can take from real-world, successful projects and approaches the ICT industry that we may be able to apply generally to society. A simple example is how the Agile management approach speaks rather deeply, on a philosophical level,... Read more

Blanket terms - hiding the truth

09 Nov 2011   philosophy  postmodernism  process 
The definition of a "blanket term" from Wiktionary: A word or phrase that is used to describe multiple groups of related things. The degree of relation may vary. Blanket terms often trade specificity for ease-of-use; in other words, a blanket term by itself gives little detail about the things... Read more

Reality as process

08 Nov 2011   philosophy  process 
In doing some background reading for my thesis, a friend of mine gave me a book by David Bohm entitled "Wholeness and the Implicate Order". Esoteric? Definitely. Difficult to read? Incredibly. Worth the effort? Absolutely. Bohm, as per the Wikipedia entry, was quite an impressive physicist. The... Read more